Unique Features

The Profit Finder:Locates lucrative procedures on accounts with annual insurance remaining.
Next Appointment Work Authorization: Reduces No Shows, Delinquent Balances, and increases production and collections 15-20%.
Recently Lost from Recall: Tells who has fallen through the System.
Audit Trail: Documents suspect ledger entries to maintain accounts integrity.
Production Comparison: provides same month previous years comparisons
Post-Op List:  allows easy evening follow up for patients with difficult procedures.
Delinquent Balance List: pares list to those needing contact based on parameters you select.
Time Payments:  a nifty payment plan making prompt payment easy.
Collection Agency:  Proven technique to collect past due accounts as though you were a third party built into the system. Very effective and included free.
Patient Statement Notes: Provides the ability to write individual notes on each statement you choose just like writing a note on paper.
Credit Policy: Measures whether your credit policy is too loose or too tight.
Resubmit Unpaid Insurance Claims: automatically in less than a minute.
Tracks the disposition of insurance claims: just like it does patient billing delinquency.
Insurance Remarks:  Those justifying descriptions you write can be saved and used again and again.
Recall and Treatment Reminders: Sent by email, text, in batches or singly.
Scheduling Needed: Saves those schedule cancellations for Rescheduling instead of loss.
Treatment Notes: Doctor’s Notes with Default notes for redundant treatment. 

These unique features, many unique to Data Team plus an ability to Personalize layout and usability; it is unsurpassed.